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Since its conception in the 1950’s Regional Science, an interdisciplinary field of scholarly endeavor has seen many changes. The enhancement of knowledge and technologies and the growing of Globalization endowed several techniques of regional science and location theory less applicable. Nevertheless, the changes brought upon the need for people from various fields that were not involved in Regional Science before, rendering the field truly multi-disciplinary. Initiated as a field of human geography, it winds up including people from varying disciplines such as engineering, planning, economy, geography and environmental studies. In a multidiscipline field such as Regional Science the exchange of ideas and research within the field is deemed to be necessary. It is this multi-disciplinary approach that helps to facilitate new theoretical insights for tackling regional problems. It fosters better codification of methods and exchange of frontier ideas. The combination of knowledge of an industry and knowledge of theory is inevitable if it is to establish credibility. For without it, efficient communication is restricted. With recent trend in globalization and cross border activities, promoting international collaboration is essential. This joint seminar is set upon with the aim to serve as a platform for cross-fertilization of ideas among scholars and particularly to promote the exchange of ideas and research among Asian countries and regions. It is hoped that the exchange will further stabilize and foster in the near future for the benefit of all regions.
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