Message from President

Welcome all who visited KRSA.

Korean Regional Science Association (KRSA) is an organization consisting of a group of experts who do research on national and regional policies.  KRSA was firstly established in 1983 and is officially listed as an academic organization with the National Research Foundation of Korea.   KRSA now has 500 members, who are mostly professors, graduate students, researchers, experts in public institutions, and officials in national and local governments. 

During the last seven decades, regions and cities in Korea have vastly grown thanks to the rapid urbanization, industrialization, and informatization.At the same time, urban issues resulted from this growth-oriented policies and developments like regional and economic polarization have been incurred as well. In this regards, KRSA members of KRSA shares the idea that KRSA should proactively seek the solutions and develop policies for the issues and problems of the regions and cities should tackle.

As a new start for another 70 years, KRSA sets up the four main tasks. First, we continue to publish the quarterly Journal of KRSA, and regularly held our half-year conference. We also publish a series of books related to regional science. Second, we hold joint policy forum with the national and local governments, and the public institutes four times a year. Third, we promote future scholarship through graduate paper competition, graduate workshops, and mentoring. Fourth, we reinforce and expand the international academic networks with existing official partners such as Asian Conference in Regional Science (ACRS), Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization (PRSCO), Western Regional Science (WRSA), The North American Regional Science Council (NARSC), and The European Regional Science Association (ERSA).

KRSA will become more advanced, creative, and sustainable think-tank in proposing policies for the balanced growth of regions and cities. KRSA will take a leading role in creating a scholarly community that can provide good opportunities to young scholars, decision makers, and policy experts to grow.

The President of KRSA, 2022 
Sohn, Jung-Yul